Projection: Texas Tech headed to Dallas as a No. 3 seed

Selection Sunday is a week away, and the state of Texas looks strong with five teams projected into the field of 68.

Texas Tech is a No. 3 seed in the estimation of Jerry Palm at

In Palm’s projection, Tech will be placed in a Midwest Region pod that will open round of 64 play at Dallas.

In addition, Palm projects that Houston and TCU will be six seeds, Texas A&M an eight and Texas an eleven.

Selection Sunday is two weeks away, so, who’s in?

With two weeks remaining until Selection Sunday, here are the Texas-based teams projected into the NCAA tournament by Jerry Palm of

(3) Texas Tech, in the South, at Dallas
(6) TCU, in the East, at Dallas
(7) Houston, in the West, at Pittsburgh
(9) Texas A&M, in the South, at Charlotte
(12) Texas, in the East, at Dayton (R-68)

Note: Texas is projected to play in the round of 68 and the others in the round of 64.